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Linking the data

Linking the data recorded in the notebook with that in the published papers and book

We now come to the heart of the matter in which we attempt to trace the experimental data upon which the Braggs prepared and published the papers mentioned above and for which they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1915.

The task has not been easy, much of the data recorded in the notebook is, or appears to be, fragmentary or incomplete. The sections on Pyrites, FeS2, Sulphur, Diamond, Calcite and the calcite series of crystals, The Spinels, Fluorspar CaF2, zinc blende, ZnS and Quartz are those for which the links between the notebook and published data are most clear.

Regrettably, as mentioned further on, this list does not include Rock-salt; NaCl. However, we hope that assiduous readers may be able to spot links that have escaped us, in which event we would be grateful if they would bring their observations to our attention.