Leeds University Library

Using Nexis to find newspaper articles

You can browse Nexis to see which newspapers are covered or you can search within one specific newspaper or group of newspapers.

Browsing Nexis

To see a list of all UK newspapers covered by Nexis, select the Sources tab (at the top left of the screen). From the tabs beneath this select Browse Sources.

Change Filter by country to the country you are interested in (eg United Kingdom). Select the News folder under publication type, then the Newspapers folder.

A list of titles will now appear, and you can search these individually or in groups.

Searching Nexis

To search for articles, first check that you have the Search and News tabs selected from the options in the top left of the screen. Enter your keywords into the search box and select a time period.

Using In the Headline or Major Mentions options from the drop-down menu ensures that your hits will be more relevant. This is useful for when your search is likely to retrieve a great number of articles.

The list of results displayed gives only brief details. To view the full article, click on the highlighted title of the article.