Leeds University Library

Restrict search (Scopes)

A Catalogue search can be limited to one of four scopes. Choose Full Catalogue, Special Collections, Journals/Periodicals or Electronic Resources from the first dropdown box on the main search page.

Full Catalogue scope

A Full Catalogue search includes everything in:

  • Brotherton Library*
  • Edward Boyle Library
  • Health Sciences Library
  • St James's Hospital Library

* Most of the material in the Brotherton Library appears on the catalogue, although some older material in the Arts and Social Sciences is not listed. Use the digitised Manual Catalogue to find older Brotherton material. Some of the government publications shelved in the Official Publications section of the West Building in the Brotherton Library are not listed.

The Catalogue also includes material (not comprehensive) from the School of English.

Journals/Periodicals scope

This option limits your search to journals taken by the Library.

Articles from journals are only listed in the Catalogue if they are part of the High Demand Collection.

More help on finding a journal article

Electronic Resources scope

This option limits your search to electronic journals, databases and e-books.

Special Collections scope

This option limits your search to the specialised and rare books in Special Collections, which is on level 4 of the Brotherton Library.