Leeds University Library
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Fire and emergency procedures

Fire warnings

In the event of a fire there will be a loud continuous siren.

Leave the building immediately via the nearest exit or fire exit.

All fire exits are clearly marked with a green sign.

If you can't get out of the building try to get to a designated place of safety.

Use our floorplans to familiarise yourself with the locations of fire exits and places of safety.


PEEP is an acronym for Personal Emergency Egress (or Evacuation) Plan.

Everyone who enters a building must be able to leave it safely in an emergency and get to a predetermined assembly point. Some arrangements may need to be made for people with disabilities.

Please contact us if you think that you need a PEEP.

First aiders

The Edward Boyle, Brotherton, Laidlaw and Health Sciences Libraries all have qualified first aiders. All accidents and emergencies should be reported at the enquiry desk.

If you have a mobility impairment and would like to inform Library staff at reception when you enter or leave the building, please do so.