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Local and Personal Acts

Public General Acts are usually equated with the term "Acts of Parliament". There are, however, other kinds of Acts. Local and Personal Acts apply to particular areas, companies or individuals. They are the result of successful Private Bills. Before Royal Assent is granted and a Private Bill becomes an Act, it must undergo the same thorough stages of examination by both Houses as Public and Private Members' Bills.

Local and Personal Acts are cited differently to Public General Acts.
Chapter numbers are in italics for Personal Acts; for Local Acts they are in Roman numerals.
eg Manchester City Council Act 2010 c.iii

Finding Local and Personal Acts

  • 1991 to date: Legislation.gov.uk contains the full text of all UK Local Acts since 1991, in their original unamended form. It also contains some Acts from 1857-1990
  • 1948-2010: the Library has copies of all Local and Personal Acts in the Edward Boyle Library on level 8. Printing of the Acts only became official in 1922, so many previous Acts were never printed at all. The Library does not have copies of the preceding Bills.


Local and Personal Acts in the Official Publications section do not appear in Search@Library. Use the following catalogues and indexes in the "Indexes" section of Official Publications in the Edward Boyle Library on level 8 to find the date and chapter number of an Act.