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ERA (Educational Recording Agency)

The University holds an ERA+ Licence covering the recording by its members of broadcasts from BBC (television and radio), ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and S4C, including Open University broadcasts.

It includes digital TV and radio channels operated by these companies.

The ERA+ Licence supersedes the standard ERA Licence. In addition to on-campus viewing, it permits the off-campus viewing of digitised content copied under its terms, providing those viewing the material are within the UK.

The licence allows you to:

  • Record broadcasts, for educational purposes only
  • Play those recordings to students, or allow students to borrow them, for educational purposes
  • Make copies of those recordings, for educational purposes
  • Digitise those recordings providing they are made available within a password-protected environment and limited to access by University staff and students within the UK only
  • Make use of the Box of Broadcasts (BoB) viewing and recording service (also available to student members of the University under the terms of the licence).


  • The tape, DVD or other recording medium must be labelled with the title and date of recording and "This recording is to be used only under the terms of the ERA Licence"
  • The recording may be made on University premises or at your home
  • You may record whole broadcasts or extracts. You must not adapt the broadcast (eg separating soundtrack from images and substituting new).

The licence does not allow you to:

  • Record non-broadcast, non-scheduled programmes - eg programmes shown at a time of the viewer's choosing by way of a "catch-up TV" service, or similar
  • Show any recording made under this scheme to an audience who has paid for admission
  • Sell or hire out recordings made under this scheme
  • Copy commercial tapes, videos, or DVDs
  • Incorporate any recorded material into your own audio-visual or electronic productions
  • View material recorded under the licence from locations outside the UK.

Using the licence

  • There are no formalities involved in using this licence, and no central records need to be kept of recordings made
  • Simply make, label, and use your recordings in compliance with the conditions listed above.

If you miss a programme

  • You can retrieve broadcast programmes for viewing via BoB up to seven days after originally shown
  • You can obtain programmes from the five main channels, plus BBC3 and BBC4, from the British Universities Film and Video Council's off-air recording back-up service. Contact digital@leeds.ac.uk at the Library to find out more
  • You can request programmes from other universities who also have an ERA Licence.

See the ERA website or contact copyright@leeds.ac.uk for more information.