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Printed music

Printed music is not covered by the CLA Licence.

The Music Publishers Association has about 150 members and publishes a Code of Fair Practice agreed between composers, publishers and users of printed music.

The code allows copying of music published by MPA members in several special circumstances, including:

  • for study and research (not performance), short excerpts (but not a whole movement or a whole work) may be copied
  • in emergencies: where music is lost or damaged before a pre-arranged concert, copies may be made provided that replacements are bought subsequently, or that, if the music is hired, the copy is returned with the other hired copies
  • for performance difficulties, eg where a page-turn is awkward, a small amount may be copied.

Please see the full text of the code for further details of these and other permissions.

Section 32(3) of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 allows copying for the purposes of setting or answering examination questions, but section 32(3) specifically excludes the making of copies for performance by examination candidates.

In all other circumstances, you must get permission to reproduce copyright printed music from the rights owner.