Leeds University Library

Write a funder data management plan (if needed)

Do I need to submit a funder data management plan (DMP) with my grant application?


Plan required



AHRC Yes At application
Technical Plan if digital outputs produced (up to 4 pages)
BBSRC Yes At application
Data Sharing Plan (max 1 page)
CRUK Yes At application
Data Management & Sharing Plan
EPSRC Yes No EPSRC expect a project DMP to exist
ESRC Yes At application DMP (max 3 pages)
MRC Yes At application DMP length to be proportionate to research complexity
NERC Yes At application DMP (max 1 page outline)
STFC Yes At application No specific format given (max 2 pages)
Wellcome Yes At application No specific format given
Horizon2020 Yes Within six months Template given
ERC No Strongly encouraged

If you are unsure whether a plan is required, check directly with the funder you are applying to or seek advice from researchdataenquiries@leeds.ac.uk

Text from your funder DMP can be cross-referenced in the Leeds application stage DMP.