Leeds University Library

Complete Leeds data management plan (everyone)

The Leeds Application Stage Data Management Plan is being piloted with Arts and PVAC but it is a useful template for anyone preparing a project.

If you have already completed a funder data management plan, cross reference it with your Leeds plan.

Copy and paste content across from your funder plan into the relevant Leeds plan sections.

Include project requirements for:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Live (in project) storage
  • Archive storage
  • Staffing to support research outputs from the project (websites, digitisation, research data management)

For assistance on costing live storage contact your Faculty IT Manager.

The Leeds data management plan will help ensure that you have sufficient resources (IT, staff) for your project.

Postgraduate researchers

It's always a good idea to have a plan that you revisit regularly. Here is a suggested basic data management plan template and checklist.