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Store the data

This advice applies to both digital and non-digital.

  1. Your Faculty IT Manager will help you identify all your research data backup and storage needs, the right storage technologies to use and the associated costs. In particular
    • Use managed and backed-up storage where possible - for example, storage provided by your faculty or central IT.
    • Transfer data generated in the field to managed storage as soon as possible.
  2. Store your data according to your full data management plan undertaking which should include requirements for:
    • Data characteristics eg volume, cost to reproduce, frequency of change
    • Data back-up procedures, including all institutions/collaborations and transferring data generated in the field.
    • Data access arrangements for local or external research collaborators
    • Shared folder and file-naming and versioning conventions across the team
    • Allotted responsibility for the immediate day-to-day management, storage and backup of the research data.
  3. Update your data management plan. 

See also Deciding what data to keep.