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Feedback: Making a plan

It is tempting to think that feedback from one assignment cannot help with another and should just be filed away. However, it can contain lots of useful information to help you improve your future work. Make a feedback plan, asking yourself the questions below to get the most out of it. 

Understand it

  • Is anything unclear? Ask the tutor
  • Look at the feedback guide on these webpages for tips on understanding
  • Put it away for a couple of days, then reflect again
  • Does your feedback match how you thought you'd done on the assignment?

Record it

  • Keep it in a portfolio
  • Highlight and note down feedback which could be useful in future work
  • Note down any recurring themes
  • Use your portfolio to plan future work or for revision.

Make a plan

  • Do you know how to improve your work or do you need help?
  • Prioritise what to do first - what has lost you marks or what do you frequently struggle with?
  • Note down what you have learnt from this feedback overall.

Take action

  • Look at the feedback guide and other Skills@Library online resources or attend a skills workshop
  • Get advice from your tutor
  • Note your action on Leeds for Life
  • Identify how best to feed it forward.

This feedback plan template (PDF) will help you organise your feedback from each assignment so that you can find ways of feeding it forward