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Time management: plan

Use your timetable and record your deadlines: these are your starting points for getting through each Semester.

Make an overall plan for the Semester early on with all your commitments: lectures, seminars, labs, meetings, part-time job, clubs and societies, and keep adding to it.

This could be a long to-do list, but probably works better on a diary, paper or electronic, or wall planner. For example, here's an overall plan of key tasks for Semester 1:

Example planner for semester 1

Have a week-by-week planner or diary for the weeks ahead: schedule in what you have to do, so that you don't lose track. This example shows how you could organise the work for 3 different modules during one week using a colour-coded diary.

Fit your study slots around lectures and seminars, and look for spaces in your timetable when you have more free time to focus on larger tasks. Take a look at this example diary to see how that might look.

If you are planning your time to work on a specific assignment, break the work down into different elements. Make sure that you take time to understand and interpret your question at the beginning, and allow time to review and edit your work at the end. Working backwards from the deadline with a calendar can help you to identify exactly how long you could spend on each stage of the assignment.

Look at the Skills@Library webpages to find out more about planning your assignments.

Key planning tips

  • Have an overall goal for your study sessions
  • Identify the individual tasks needed to complete your work
  • Break these down into simple steps
  • Set up reminders to keep you on track
  • Don't give up - persevere!
  • Review your progress regularly, and adapt your plan if you need to.