Leeds University Library

User Behaviour Policy

The Library is a clean and pleasant place to study. We have a policy about noise and food and drink which is included in the Library Partnership as well as in the Library Regulations.­

Litter should be disposed of using the recycling bins.

Use group study or silent areas as appropriate.

Food and ­drink

A "no food" and "only bottled water" policy is appropriate to avoid mess, damage to Library resources, and offence to others.

This operates throughout the Library. In the Laidlaw Library customers should use the Caffe Nero in the library foyer. In the Brotherton Library customers with food and drink should use Parkinson Court. In the Health Sciences Library customers with food and drink should use Worsley Cafe 7.  From January 2017, customers in the Edward Boyle Library will be able to use the new cafe on level 9.


­No eating, phones or talking

Silent study areas are provided and­ there should be no talking or other noise in these areas. 

­­­Group study area

Group study areas are available for discussion and collaboration.

The need for quiet should be respected in all other areas.

Phones can be used in the Phone Zones but must be set to silent elsewhere.

Please note:

Action will be taken against those who do not respect this policy, who will receive a caution, and ultimately a fine.