Leeds University Library

Lost items

If you have lost an item, contact the Library as soon as possible.

When you report an item missing or lost, we start a search of the Library for it. If it is not found after 60 days we will invoice you for a replacement, although you can ask to be invoiced sooner if you wish. Once you have paid your invoice, we will clear your record.

The standard replacement charge for an item is £50.

How we calculate your invoice

We record the date when you report an item lost.
If the item is never found and a replacement needs to be bought, you will be charged for replacing the item and for the fines* you had accrued until the day you reported the item lost. 

If the item is found before the invoice is paid

Normal overdue fines* are payable on it up to the day it is checked in to the Library.

If the item is found after the invoice is paid

If you have overpaid (the replacement cost was more than the amount you have accrued in fines*) we will refund the difference.
If you have underpaid (the fines* are greater than the amount you have paid us), we will not charge you further.
If the library has already replaced the book then you will not be entitled to a refund, but you can keep the copy you have paid for.

If you have any queries about the invoicing procedure please ask at the enquiry desk.

You can choose to replace an item you have lost or damaged

If you replace an item you will still pay the overdue fines*, but not the standard replacement charge.

Replacement books should be:

  • new or as-new condition
  • the same or later edition
  • from the same publisher.

If the item is found after you have replaced it, you may keep it.

* Fines are only charged on recalled and high demand items.