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Multiple purchase suggestions

Use this form to suggest multiple items that the library should purchase. Please check the Search@Library first - it contains information about items that are already on order.

When available, we provide e-books of essential books to improve access to texts.

When an e-book is purchased, we will send you a direct link to the item record. Print copies will be reserved for you if requested, and we will email your University account to tell you that it is ready to collect.

You will be notified if the Library decides not to purchase your suggestion.

Help: This can be found on your staff/student card.

Help: If your department is not listed, eg for non-academic departments, select "other" and specify below

Required for

Items are for a module reading list Help: Please also ensure you submit your full reading list in the VLE.

Would you prefer an ebook if available? Help: ebooks can be supplied more quickly than print copies. [Please note that the Library cannot purchase Kindle ebooks]

Reserve items when purchased? Help: ebooks cannot be reserved but are normally available within three working days.

Help: Please include for each item the Title, Author/editor, ISBN, Date/edition, Publisher. If possible also include price, and where appropriate format (eg e-book, DVD). These details can be typed in or copied from a document, email or website.

Help: eg reasons for suggestion