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Library survey results

Published Thursday 27 February 2014

Make some noise!

Find out the results of our survey of staff and students

The results are in from the LibQUAL library survey of staff and students held in November 2013. Overall satisfaction with the Library has risen, but we need to improve our buildings and access to resources.

Questions in the survey related to three main areas: the provision of resources; the quality of interaction with the library and its staff; the quality of the environment. 

Jane Saunders, Head of Customer Services, says:

"We would like to say a big "thank you" to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey and tell us what they think of the Library and the services we provide. We were pleased with the response rate of 13.3% which means we have some meaningful data on which to base our decisions about how we develop Library services. Although there are areas we need to work on, I was very heartened by the number of positive comments about the Library and our staff, reflecting how hard we work to give great customer service to the University."

Satisfaction and praise

  • Overall satisfaction in all three areas is higher than in previous years, with improvements against user expectation in the provision of resources and the quality of interaction with the Library. 
  • We received a record 446 positive comments (18% of the total 2,476 comments). 

What do we need to work on?

  • Library buildings attracted the largest number of comments (465). For the first time a number of these comments related to problems entering the library through the turnstiles.
  • There were a number of areas where academic staff and postgraduates felt library provision fell short of their minimum requirement: "the main texts and readings I need for my work", "the electronic information sources I need" and "the print and journal collections I require for my work". Expectations in these areas are rising, and the scores show that the Library is not keeping pace with these expectations. 

What we're going to do:

  • Further investigate the views from postgraduates and academic staff about the provision of resources, in order to identify ways of improving this service
  • Identify ways to keep improving the provision of core texts and readings for taught postgraduates and undergraduates
  • Continue to improve our library buildings
  • Continue to monitor opening hours
  • Investigate ways to improve the quality of the barcodes printed on student cards, so that students can enter library buildings more easily.

See the full results of the LibQUAL survey (PDF) and the customer satisfaction summary and action plan (PDF).

You don't have to wait for the library survey to tell us what you think. Please contact us at any time with your complaints, compliments or suggestions.