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White Rose opens access to research

Published Monday 31 March 2014

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University's open access repository grows by 50% in 2013

The number of full-text papers submitted to White Rose Research Online, the University's institutional repository, increased by a half last year.

At the end of 2013 there were 3,090 openly available research outputs, of which 1,036 were added in 2013. The number of papers continues to rise, with 4,180 now available for download.

Authors can make the full text of their papers openly accessible through White Rose Research Online. Papers are easily found by researchers using Google, who can then download a version of the paper for free.

Citation rates have been shown to increase when articles are made available using open access routes. During 2013, there were 258,813 downloads from White Rose Research Online, which gives an average of 84 downloads per paper.

Recent government legislation says that research funded by the UK Research Councils has to be published through an open access route.

The University Publication Policy promotes green open access in order to widen access to University of Leeds research, and so raise citation rates and impact.

Find out how to make your papers open access through the University publications database.

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