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It's a small world...

Published Monday 21 July 2014

An open atlas showing a map of the world

...but our maps and atlases resources are huge

The maps and atlases page of our website is a fantastic resource, offering an impeccable selection of links to the best map websites and collections in the world.

The links have been thoughtfully organised by type, so you can easily narrow your search: in addition to world maps and country maps, you can search for historical, Ordnance Survey or geological maps. There is also a section devoted to geographical data sources.

The vast majority of external map services listed are freely accessible - your Leeds staff or student login gives you access to the rest. For some sites you will need to register, but this is a quick and easy process.

If you want to seek out a physical copy of a map or atlas, the maps and atlases page offers advice on using Search@Library to find maps held by the University of Leeds.