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World Book Night

Published Sunday 22 April 2012

World Book Night 23 April 2012 moon logo with strapline A million reasons to read a book

Is your favourite among this year's chosen books?

The second annual World Book Night is 23 April 2012.

20,000 passionate readers will give a million copies of 25 specially chosen and printed books to non- or light readers across the UK. Copies will also go directly to prisons, hospitals and libraries.

World Book Night centres on the simplest of acts, that of putting a book into another person's hand and saying "This is amazing. You have to read it."

It's too late to register as an official "giver", but you can still spread your love of reading by giving books on World Book Night or any day of the year!

See if your favourite is one of this year's 25 chosen books. 

The aim of World Book Night

In the UK one person in six struggles to read and write. Poor skills compromise health and well-being, confidence and employability.

World Book Night hopes to advance public education by promoting adult literacy and celebrating books. By focusing on the enjoyment and engagement of reading it aims to reach and inspire those who have never discovered the value of reading.

The significance of 23 April

UNESCO appointed 23 April the international day of the book in honour of Shakespeare and the great Spanish novelist Cervantes. It is both the birth and death day of Shakespeare, and the death day of Cervantes.

For more information visit the World Book Night website.