Leeds University Library

Remembrance Day in the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery

Published Monday 9 November 2015

HMS Pelargonium (detail), 1919, Watercolour Painting, Liddle Collection, University of Leeds Special Collections

Two exhibitions explore fresh perspectives of the First World War.

Both exhibitions have been created by MA students using the University of Leeds' Liddle Collection and will be on display in the Gallery's Education Room until 19 December 2015.

The Art of Warfare: Global Interaction was developed from creative work gathered from the far reaches of the First World War. It illustrates the power of war to break down the artificial boundaries we create between nations and people, and offer ordinary people the opportunity to explore the world beyond their nation's borders.

I'm On My Way: Communication, Movement and the First World War illustrates the different experiences of individuals during the world's first modern and worldwide war, focusing on the themes of communication and movement.