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Published Monday 7 December 2015

Screenshot of Laidlaw Library interactive floorplan

See the shelf where your book sits with our new interactive floorplans

It's now much easier to work out where a book is in the library with the new interactive floorplans for the Laidlaw and Edward Boyle libraries.

Using Search@Library you can search for a book, view the full item record and follow the 'item location' link. This shows the floor map with the appropriate subject area highlighted, so it's much easier to see where to go in the library to find the book.

"We want to make it as easy as possible to find a book on the shelves" says Hazel Lee, Customer Services Teams Leader. "We hope that translating the virtual shelfmark in the Library Catalogue into a physical location in the library will really help to make the library easier to use."

You can also see if the bookable group rooms in the Laidlaw Library are free, how many loanable laptops are available to use and the library's opening hours for that day. All by clicking on the locations on the flooplans.

James Padgett, from the Library's Systems Team, was the chief developer for the project. He explains: "We ran a mobile survey a few years ago to find out what information students wanted from our systems, and a popular request was for more help to locate books on the shelf. When we began to think how to achieve this we realised we could also provide other in-context and real-time information via the floorplans, such as laptop availability and a 'now and next' feature to check the availability of the new bookable group rooms in the Laidlaw."

There are currently interactive floorplans for the Laidlaw and Edward Boyle libraries. If they are successful, the Brotherton and Health Sciences libraries will be next.

Let us know what you think about our interactive floorplans.