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White Rose University Press open for submissions

Published Tuesday 5 January 2016

White Rose University Press book and keyboard on black background

New open access digital university press ready to publish

White Rose University Press (WRUP), the UK's newest press from the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, is the UK's first jointly managed, open access digital university press. WRUP will publish high quality open access digital journals, monographs and textbooks.

As an open access press WRUP's digital publications will be available, free of charge, anywhere in the world, reaching a global audience without restrictive pay-walls.

It has rigorous peer review and quality control processes, under the supervision of an editorial board of distinguished academics, so that all of its work meets the highest academic standards.

It provides high quality professional layout and graphic design, copy-editing, typesetting, indexing, and marketing services, as well as print-on-demand and long-term preservation.

Processing fees to make books and articles freely available to readers are significantly lower than for most commercial publishers, while scholars from the partner Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York can apply for a waiver scheme to support their publications

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