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Avoid Easter fines

Published Monday 14 March 2016

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Read our quick ways to avoid fines during this vacation

What to do to avoid fines over the vacation:

  1. If you are leaving Leeds this Easter, return the books you no longer need to the Library before you go.
  2. Renew the items you already have out on loan to keep your library account active.
  3. Check your email regularly to see if anyone else has requested the books you have out. Or you could use the mobile app to check your library record and also receive new notifications on your phone.
  4. Be prepared to return the books if they are requested - by post if you can't get back to Leeds.

We won't charge fines on the days the University is closed over Easter, and we will take the return date from the postmark, not the date we receive it.

Read our Fines FAQ for the full details.

The Library is closed from 5pm Thursday 24 March until 8am Wednesday 30 March. Check the Library opening times over the holiday.