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A new guide to our rich business collections

Published Friday 4 March 2016

BUS/Ambler, Stock Book 3, 1910-17

Business, economics and textiles collections are brought together online

A new guide from Special Collections presents subject strengths from the business collections. The guide opens up the research potential of our archives for students in various disciplines. It reveals collections concerned with textile businesses, economics, newspaper and literary publishing, industry and the development of social security.

Businesses and industry have huge impacts on society affecting the social, political and cultural development of our towns and cities. This means that their archives are a fascinating and valuable research tool. Our new subject strength guide is designed to help you navigate our rich business collections and identify material of interest.

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One of Special Collections' greatest strengths is its extensive textile business archives. These are concentrated on businesses in Leeds, Bradford and Keighley mainly in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Look into the wages and apprenticeship records and you will find plenty of information relating to adult and child workers. Open the ledger books or examine the invoices and accounts and you can trace the changing economic fortunes of businesses.

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Our economics collections are rich resources for economic, social and industrial research. There is information on varied aspects of economics such as wages, prices, banking and trade in our extensive printed books collection. Tony Lynes' papers offer interesting insights into the development of social security payments and pensions in Britain in the 20th century.

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Other strengths include our publishers and heavy industry collections.

Please contact Special Collections if you would like to view the wealth of material in our business collections.