Leeds University Library

Open for longer

Published Monday 11 April 2016

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You said, we did! Opening hours extended on Friday and Saturday this term

The Library is pleased to be able to extend the opening hours of the Laidlaw, Edward Boyle and Health Sciences libraries for the summer term in 2016. If you need to work in the library on Friday evenings, you won't be turfed out at teatime this term.

We actively encourage student suggestions and feedback to improve our services. Closing the libraries at 7pm on Friday has been raised as an issue a number of times recently. We always listen to issues raised and try to act on suggestions when possible. So we are happy to be able to increase the opening hours in two of our libraries on a trial basis.

The Laidlaw Library will open until midnight every Friday from 15-29 April. This is then followed by the 24-hour opening period for exams, which runs from 2 May to 3 June.

The Edward Boyle Library will open until midnight every single day from 22 April to 28 May.

The Health Sciences Library will open until midnight every single day from 10 April to 26 June. 

You can check the Library's opening times online at any time.