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Library survey results 2015

Published Monday 25 April 2016

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Overall satisfaction with the Library rises

The results are in from the LibQUAL library survey of students held in December 2015. 3,586 students responded to the survey and many commented constructively on what they thought of the Library and the services we provide.

Survey results

Overall satisfaction with the Library has risen slightly. This is a good result in the context of so much change to libraries over the last year. Student comments about the new Laidlaw Library were very positive, but there were understandable concerns about the pressure on study space with the Edward Boyle Library undergoing refurbishment.

Questions in the survey related to three main areas: the provision of resources; the quality of interaction with the library and its staff; the quality of the Library environment. Students were asked to give their minimum and desired levels of service on each question, and to score the Library on each. Students also gave many helpful and constructive comments.

There were no areas where the Library fell short of students' minimum expectations overall this year.

What has improved since the last survey in 2013?

Turnstile access

In 2013 students were concerned about problems with access through the turnstiles. This has largely been resolved through better printing of university student cards.

Library buildings

The most negative comments in 2013 were about issues with Library buildings, such as heating and lack of plug sockets. The opening of the Laidlaw Library provided a great study environment, with more plug sockets than desks, but other libraries still have problems in these areas. Our ongoing refurbishment programme is intended to make substantial improvements across the other libraries.

What are the concerns this year and what are we doing about them?

There are some areas where students' minimum expectations were only just met.

Quiet space for individual work

For the first time provision of "quiet space for individual work" scored low. In response to previous requests for more group study areas, the Laidlaw Library was built with excellent group work spaces. But the demand for quiet individual space now seems to be growing. The refurbished Edward Boyle Library opens in spring 2017 with a large number of individual study spaces, which will hopefully meet this demand.

Main texts and readings

Access to information resources is also a concern, particularly "the main texts and readings I need for my work". Expectations in this area are rising, and the scores show that the Library is not keeping pace with these expectations. We are currently investigating if there are particular subject areas where there are problems.

The Library uses module reading lists, as supplied by lecturers, to drive our book purchasing. We will work with schools to see if improvements could be made to this system. We have explored questions of resource provision with student library reps. Student reps were not aware that the Library uses the number of requests for a book to trigger the purchase of extra copies, so this will be publicised more widely. We will also continue with our policy to purchase e-resources and to digitise materials wherever possible in order to maximise access.

Opening hours

Opening hours are also a concern. The Library has to balance spending between information resources and opening hours. Although some students would like 24/7 opening throughout the year, this would mean significantly less spending on books and resources. We used the comments in the survey and discussions with student library reps to determine what changes to opening hours would be most useful to students. As a result Library opening hours have been extended, particularly on Friday evenings.

Open to feedback at any time

You don't have to wait for the next library survey to tell us what you think. Please contact us at any time with your complaints, compliments or suggestions.