Leeds University Library

IIP report praises customer services

Published Monday 1 August 2016

Staff helping a customer with a computer

Leeds University Library has secured the Investors In People (IIP) standard.

In June, an independent report confirmed the Library's silver status.

The report is a result of interviews with around 30 staff and information gathered by a team of assessors.

The report's author, Mark Crowther, complimented the Library on its approach to customer services.

He said, "Customer services is in the DNA of all the staff." He concluded that the Library is seen as an "amazing place to work" by its staff and is driven by customer satisfaction.

The Library has maintained the IIP standard for 15 years. Human Resources Manager, Sharon Myler, co-ordinated the recent visit. She says that the standard shows a commitment to staff and ultimately the customer:

"Originally, we started using the IIP standard as a staff management tool. But through the years we have used it as a way of linking our staff roles to our business objectives.

The action plan we put together helps us to develop. We've introduced Lean processes, training programmes and structures to deliver great customer services.

The main benefit of IIP has been to give our staff context for everything they do. Our teams understand their contribution to the Library's objectives and how we support the university to achieve its goals too."

The Library is reviewed in a number of ways including IIP. It receives customer feedback through the LibQUAL assessment, the National Student Survey (NSS) and the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard.

Library teams hold regular meetings with student representatives. They carry out surveys and focus groups.

Feedback is central to the development of its services.

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