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Honey from #LibraryBees on sale

Published Monday 31 October 2016

Jars of honey from Laidlaw Library bees

Sweet end to a successful first year for Laidlaw hives

"[Honey is sweet] and so is knowledge, but knowledge is like the bee that made that sweet honey, you have to chase it through the pages of a book."
Patricia Polacco, Thank You, Mr. Falker

The first jars of honey from the bees living in the Laidlaw Library roof garden, as well as other campus apiaries, are now available.

The hive network is run by a group of volunteer beekeepers who are responsible for all of the hives located around the campus, including the Laidlaw hives. The hives were set up as part of a joint initiative between the University's Sustainability Service and the School of Earth and Environment's Sustainable Action Group.

Dr. Stella Butler, the University Librarian, was presented with a jar and said:

Just seeing this jar of honey which was produced on the roof of one of our libraries has given me a great thrill. The jar is going in our Christmas staff raffle for one lucky individual! We are delighted to be contributing to the safeguarding of our environment in this way.

Mike Howroyd, chair of the University's Biodiversity Group, led the project which installed the Laidlaw hives and commented:

This is a great example of collaborative working between departments and how, by working together, we can achieve amazing things to support wider biodiversity - in line with our new biodiversity standard.

The bees are not Laidlaw's only ecological feature. Solar panels on the roof generate part of the building's electricity supply, and the architecture is optimised for maximum temperature efficiency. The library has been assessed as "Excellent" under the BREEAM standard of building sustainability.

Honey made by the campus bees can be bought in the Ziff café, the Business School, and the PURE café in the Worsley Building.

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