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Adventures in Vlogging

Published Monday 23 January 2017

picture of Sarah Mawby vlogging about her PhD

A Student’s Experiences of Setting Up a YouTube Channel

The next #DigitalDates workshop is: 16 March 2017, 12:15-12:45

Adventures in Vlogging: One Student's Experiences of Setting up an Academic YouTube Channel

Aim: This session aims to discuss the potential of vlogging for students and academics at the University of Leeds.

Sarah Mawby, a postgraduate researcher studying towards a PhD in music psychology, will share her experiences of setting up a YouTube channel which aims to document what it's like to be a student and disseminate research findings to a broad audience of viewers and subscribers. 

Sarah will talk about why she set up the channel, as well as the benefits, challenges and pitfalls she has encountered whilst vlogging in academia. Finally, she will present some tips for getting started with your own academic YouTube channel.

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