Leeds University Library

Brotherton access lift complete

Published Tuesday 31 January 2017

Brotherton access lift from outside

New lift is bigger and better

A new access lift for Brotherton Library is now available for use. 

Open to everyone, the lift will improve access to Brotherton for users with impaired mobility. 

A huge improvement on the original lift, the new machine can carry up to 26 people or 2000 kilograms.

Located at the main entrance, the new lift takes visitors outside the building. This means that, unlike the old lift, it is large enough to be used by multiple people at once.

As the Brotherton Library is a Grade 2 listed building, the University is responsible for conserving the original Beaux-Arts aesthetic of architects Lanchester and Lodge. Special planning permission for the new lift was sought from Leeds City Council. The lift is in keeping with the modernist style of the Library, which was built in 1936.