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Fill in the blanks for us

Take the Library survey to tell us if we give you the service you need. We listen and act.

Please tell us about your experience of the Library and the services it provides to you in the Library survey.

Students have the chance to win one of:

  • two £100 vouchers
  • 100 prizes of £5 printer credits.

Our aim is to provide an excellent library service. This survey is your chance to tell us if you think we are achieving this and where we need to improve. We run the survey every two or three years and use the survey results to find out how to develop the library service so it better reflects your needs.

A number of changes and developments happened as a result of previous surveys, including new facilities in the Edward Boyle, changing opening hours of library buildings, increasing digitised readings, increasing the number of power sockets and group spaces in the libraries.

The survey methodology is a rigorously tested web survey that helps libraries around the world to track, understand, and act upon users’ opinions of service quality. It also allows us to compare our services against those from peer institutions.

The survey is open until 7 December

Fill in the survey now.