Leeds University Library

Preserving scholarly texts

Published Monday 3 September 2012

Image of Western Campus Store

Ever wondered what librarians do in the holidays?

It may be vacation, but the work behind the scenes never stops. Two important tasks are to preserve our older and more fragile publications by transferring them to store, and to manage the newly created space in the Library, making room for new books and study areas.

We're lucky enough to share the new Michael Marks Building, allowing us to design a new Western Campus Store with clean, up-to-date storage facilities and proper environmental controls. Some of our valuable collections of old, rare or ephemeral publications, not usually suitable for digitisation, can be much better preserved in this heat and humidity controlled environment.

Our programme of book cleaning removes dust, dirt, spores and other debris accumulated over years of being on open shelves, and protects materials for scholarly research in the future. All items are listed on the Library Catalogue and can be requested from store.

Watch out for staff invites from your faculty team librarian to have a look behind the scenes in the Western Campus Store.

Meanwhile the fascinating M&S Company Archive in the same building is open to the public, and welcomes visitors!