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What to do over the holidays…

Whether you’re staying in Leeds or looking to build on your academic skills, there’s plenty on offer this Christmas.

It’s important to take some time for yourself outside of term time – but if you want to keep busy over the Christmas holiday, there is lots you can get involved in.

Academic Skills

There’s lots of ways to boost your academic skills over the break.

If you want to build on your reasoning skills, our popular online course, Critical Thinking at University: An Introduction, is running and is free. Designed to prime you with the critical thinking skills you’ll need for university, it’s a two week short course with around four hours of study per week.

LinkedIn Learning is now available for all at the University and is chock full of short courses and resources that can help you. From courses in academic skills such as time management and academic writing to tutorials in software programs like R and Stata, you’ll find something useful.

As always, our online resources are available too – so feel free to get a head start on revising for January’s exams or dig through our maths support videos to give yourself the edge.

Staying in Leeds?

There is a wide-ranging program of events both on and off campus for those who live in the city or are staying over the festive period – including yoga, meet ups, rugby matches and lots more. A lot of the events are open to all, so you can even bring your family.

See the full Christmas in Leeds programme at the For Students site.

See The Library this Christmas for details on opening times, study space and returning items.