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Online Course Readings

At the end of this academic year (2016/17) the Online Course Readings request form will no longer be in use. All requests for digitisation required for the 2017/18 academic year will need to be submitted via the Reading list tool on the VLE. Please only use this form to request items required in the current academic year (2016/17). If you have a query regarding items required for 2017/18, or for more information, please email onlinecoursereadings@leeds.ac.uk

 This Online Course Readings (OCR) service provides digitised book chapters or journal articles for use by students.

Icon of two documents - photocopier Any member of staff teaching on a module can make a digitisation request.

When a digitisation request has been processed, eligible chapters and articles are scanned in PDF format, then uploaded to the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). These scans can then be accessed via the Online Course Readings folder, usually found within the Learning Resources area of a module. In the event that Learning Resources does not exist or has been renamed, we will attempt to place the Online Course Readings folder in the most suitable area. OCR will notify the module leader when all requests for a module have been completed.

Please note that not all items can be digitised under the terms of the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) scanning licence.

This licence dictates what we can and cannot scan, and there is no flexibility within its rules.

It also dictates who can do the scanning - our "designated scanners", all of whom work for the Online Course Readings service, are named on the licence.

All digitisation must come through the Online Course Readings service, unless otherwise agreed with copyright@leeds.ac.uk

For further information, email onlinecoursereadings@leeds.ac.uk