Leeds University Library

The Library Partnership

Library staff member helping customers, using a tablet PC

Leeds University Library provides access to unique collections, rich resources, expertise and innovative services across its campus sites and beyond to support the teaching, learning and research of all its customers.

What we can expect from each other

  • Courtesy and respect at all times
  • A safe and clean study environment in all our libraries
  • Respect for the Library's collections and resources 
  • Adherence to the Library's regulations and policies which underpin our working practices.

What you can expect from the Library


  • Skilled, friendly and professional staff to help you find and use information to support your learning and research
  • An outstanding range of resources, print and online
  • Quality study space to support both group and individual study
  • Continuous service improvement achieved by listening carefully to your feedback.


  • Access to the recommended texts for your programme of study and to the Library's rich research collections to enhance your learning
  • Opening hours which are responsive to student needs
  • Opportunities to develop your academic skills
  • Access to Minerva, the new portal and VLE, which is your online gateway to the University and gives access to your learning materials


  • Information resources to support your research and teaching (from our own collections or via other parties as required)
  • Access to and support for the VLE as your online teaching environment 
  • Opportunities to develop your research skills  
  • Support and advice on disseminating your research outputs.

External users 

  • Access to Leeds University Library resources, print and online, in accordance with our published policies and in compliance with licensing regulations
  • Access to the Library's Special Collections (on production of appropriate personal identification).

What the Library expects from you


  • That you observe and comply with Library regulations and policies including those relating to food and drink
  • That you bring your staff, student or Library card with you to enter the Library and borrow items
  • That you renew borrowed books and items or return them by their due dates
  • That you promptly return items requested by another customer 
  • That you inform us of any concerns you have about Library services.


  • That you regularly check your University email account for Library notices
  • That you choose an appropriate study space for the way in which you want to work and behave with respect for others working nearby
  • Study spaces and PCs should not be reserved by leaving possessions while not in use.


  • That you regularly check your University email account for Library notices
  • That you inform us in a timely manner about the resources needed for your teaching and research
  • We encourage you to promote our rich resources to enhance and extend your students' learning.

What should I do if these expectations aren't being met?