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Bo Middleton

Bo Middleton has been a member of the Library’s Leadership Team since 2007. Her role has changed several times but, with a background in IT, Bo has always encompassed the technical aspects of Library Services.

Bo leads on the development and support of all the systems which underpin the work of the library. She is responsible for the Library management system, Search@Library, Minerva, the institutional repository (White Rose Research Online) and Symplectic. Bo is the Library’s link to the University’s IT service.

Bo is also responsible for all library services that support research staff and students. This includes research data archiving, the researcher training programme, open access compliance checking, data management planning tools and ORCiD implementation.

Current project work includes digitising the South Bank Show Archive. This unique archive contains many different formats that may be inaccessible in future. The project will preserve and make them accessible to current and future researchers.

Bo is also working on defining the business case for a new virtual learning environment. The aim is to make sure that staff and students can continue to engage effectively with digital learning.

Bo started work in academic libraries in the late 1990s. Before that she worked in the broadcast industry for four years, and as a lecturer (in HE, FE and Adult Education) for eight years. She has extensive experience of securing funding and managing large scale technical projects.