Leeds University Library

About the Portal

The Portal is an online "way in" for students to all university systems. The Portal login page is the home page on cluster computers. One login gives access to a wide range of services and information, including:

  1. University email;
  2. Personal timetable;
  3. List of modules - each with links to the module's VLE area, reading list, past exam papers and module timetable;
  4. Contact details for and updates from LUU student representatives for their school and course;
  5. View of personal VLE announcements;
  6. Library account (list of loans, renew books, pay fines);
  7. Find library resources such as books and articles using Search@Library;
  8. Link to subject-specific library resources;
  9. Student Services account (their information on Banner) and admin updates, plus a link to make payments;
  10. Personal announcements (e.g. for specific roles or schools);
  11. Campus announcements/news, student union news and information;
  12. 'My school' website (as chosen by their school);
  13. Access to Leeds for Life (taught students) or PDR (research students);
  14. Careers, Leeds Network, Volunteering Hub;
  15. Personal bookmarks;
  16. Access to help and support via help@leeds;
  17. Maps, staff directory search, printer credits and many other things!



The Portal runs an annual feedback exercise to ask students what they think of the Portal, to seek feedback about what can be improved.  Each year there are also questions on specific areas to feed into development.  The results of the latest feedback exercise can be downloaded from:

Portal Feedback Exercise 2015 report

Other audiences


All staff have access to the Portal, and are welcome to use it and personalise it as required - staff often find it a convenient way to access university systems, particularly when working remotely. Teaching staff use the Portal to access their module areas, and many administrative staff use the Portal to send announcements to students. Staff also use the Portal to access Faculty Services for attendance monitoring. Staff don't see some student-specific content - see the What students see page.  For any queries about staff logging in, see the Staff accounts page.  


Recent graduates can continue to use the Portal for 5 years after graduation to access Careers, Alumni and Leeds for Life information, and other benefits and services for graduates.  See the Graduates section of this website.


Starting in 2012, an Applicant Portal has been provided for undergraduate offer-holders in the faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences. The aim is to to improve applicants' pre-entry experience, support conversion, provide induction resources and ease the transition into student life. A particular focus on subject-related information makes the Leeds pilot distinctive from most HE applicant portals, which tend to focus on generic university information.