Leeds University Library

Problems accessing an article

Does the Library have a subscription?

Check the details in Search@Library. You can search using the individual article title. To see our full holdings for the journal, use the advanced search to look up the publication title (as the article may only be available from the Library in print, not online).

Are you logging in correctly?

In most cases you will just need to use your username and password to access electronic resources (e-resources). To ensure you are correctly logged in, and recognised as a member of the University of Leeds when working off campus, we recommend accessing the journal or article you need via Search@Library.

Are you seeing a message about valid security certificates?

If a message appears about a security certificate error when you click on a link in Search@Library or the Classic Catalogue, you may safely ignore it and choose to continue. It is not advisable to ignore the message in other situations.

Different browsers display different warnings, with different ways to bypass the warning screen.

Internet Explorer: click on the link Continue to this website (not recommended). 

Chrome: click on the small text link Advanced and then the link to the intended URL below the warning text.

Firefox: click on the Advanced button, scroll down and click on Add Exception... In the window that opens, click on the Confirm Security Exception button.

This is happening because a number of publishers of online resources have changed their web addresses from http to https, which causes problems with our proxy server. We are working to fix it but it may take some time.

Are you a member of the University of Leeds?

Only registered members of the University of Leeds are eligible to access the majority of online journals and databases the Library subscribes to. These restrictions are set out by the publishers, in the terms of the individual licence agreements, and we must comply with them.

If you are not a member of the University, check whether you have access through your own institution. Members of the public may be able to make requests for articles via their local public library.