Leeds University Library

Reading lists and recommended texts

The Library aims to provide all the readings you recommend to your students, with enough copies at appropriate loan periods. Purchase decisions are based on the number of students on a module and the priority that the book has on the reading list.

The variety of loan periods allows us to tailor provision to meet the particular needs of your students. We provide electronic copies of essential books whenever we can. This improves access to texts for large groups of students, or those based off campus.

Student texts are regularly checked and stock-edited to maintain their relevance to courses.

Submit your reading lists

Please update your reading list in the VLE.

We recommend you update your reading list by the end of July at the latest, to make sure that material is ready for the start of teaching. You can also update your list and ask the Library to buy material at any time throughout the year.

Please allow six weeks from when you make your request to the item appearing on the Library shelf. Items that come from overseas, or which are only available second hand, can take longer.

Heavily used material

If you have a large number of students who need to read items within a short space of time, try the following services:

Online Course Readings: sometimes book chapters and journal articles are not available online. We can digitise chapters and articles and make them available in the VLE for your students.

High Demand Collection: books can be placed in the Library's High Demand Collection on 4-hour loan.

There are separate submission deadlines for requesting Online Course Readings and High Demand Collection items.