Leeds University Library

Leeds University Library Regulations


This section has been prepared so that users of the Library may be informed about the rules governing use of the Library.

The Library Regulations have been approved by the University authorities, with the aim of giving all Library users the opportunity to make the fullest use of one of the University's most valuable resources, a Library of over 2.8 million books and other items, with more than 40,000 members. Ignorance of the Regulations may lead to inconvenience for other users and to fines or other penalties for you, so please take the trouble to read them.

The Regulations describe what we expect of you in your dealings with the Library. Equally, they show what you may expect from us. Please note especially Regulations 16 and 30, which forbid the lending of your Library card to anyone else, and the passing on of Library books to other people. It is also well worth remembering Regulation 33, about the recall of Library books. Failure to adhere to these Regulations can result in heavy fines.

The Regulations do not attempt to cover every eventuality. We recognise that there are often cases when a strict interpretation of the rules is not justified. For example, although fines are levied for the late return of books, there may be a good reason for the late return (eg sickness, or unavoidable and unforeseen absence). In such cases fines may be reduced or waived altogether.

If you foresee difficulty in returning your books on time or in answering a recall notice promptly, speak to the Library staff about the problem as soon as possible. Remember, though, that the fact that you have not yet finished with a book is not acceptable as a reason for not returning it when recalled.

The borrowing entitlement for each category of user is set out on the Library website. Regulation 36, however, allows the Librarian to grant special facilities to any user. If you think you can demonstrate a definite need for an increase in the number of books you can borrow, for example, please contact the Customer Services Teams' Leader.

In short, the Regulations help to ensure that you can get the books you need, and within a reasonable time. If they seem to be preventing you from using the Library as fully as possible, we shall be as flexible as we can without hindering other users. In return, we expect you to help us by returning books promptly (especially when they have been recalled), and not lending your card or Library books to anyone else.

If you have any comments or suggestions on the Library and its services, please use the suggestions boxes available in any of the Libraries, or the online feedback form.

Finally, if you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, please write to: library@leeds.ac.uk