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Five things about bibliometrics

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1. It's not about quality

Although you can't use bibliometrics to measure the quality of research, it can be useful for understanding the significance or reach of research.

Find out more about bibliometrics and what it is used for 

2. There are more metrics out there

The most common metrics are article citations, author H-index, journal impact factors. But there are many other bibliometric measures used to assess research impact.

3. Simple ways to increase your citations

There are a number of easy ways to increase your citation rates and raise your research profile.

4. Limitations explained

They are not infallible - there are limitations of bibliometrics.

5. A social alternative

Traditional citation analysis needs time for citations to appear in the journal literature, so there is a time-lag between publication and impact measurement.

Altmetrics is a new form of bibliometrics which reflects more immediate interest through social media analysis.