The LIFE-SHARE project received funding from JISC in September 2009 to explore digitisation skills and strategies across the three White Rose Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. The Project ran until the end of March 2011.

Digitisation had predominantly been carried in out in a reactive way with little programmatic planning. The aim of the project was to identify and establish institutional and consortial strategies and infrastructure for the creation, curation and preservation of a variety of digital content. This content was to support both learning and teaching resources and Special Collections and Archives materials. The methodology drew on the LIFE model to ensure the complex process of digitisation was investigated throughout all stages of the digital content lifecycle. Three areas relating to digitisation were explored:

The project has succeeded in developing new digitisation processes and improving infrastructure. There has been an increase in staff expertise as a result of the training programme. Communication within institutions and across the consortium has also improved following the establishment of forums for the exchange of ideas and practices. This improvement in communication has assisted with the building of trust relationships between the partners and reflects the adoption by the White Rose Library Directors of the models for collaborative digitisation services.

Key project outputs:

Our blog posts are still available to read at lifeshareproject.wordpress.com and our tweets are at @life_share.