Case Study 1: Gaining permissions for multimedia Special Collections materials


Case Study 1 investigated the permissions required to digitise a multimedia archive of vernacular culture from the University of Sheffield Special Collections. The following is an overview - you can download the full internal report, in PDF format, here. :


Diagram showing, in sequence:
Identify the rights holders; contact rights holders and obtain permission to digitise; investigate technical and metadata standards; set up audio-visual digitisation suite; digitise the materials, then store them

It is worth noting that, despite the focus of the case study being on the earlier stages of the process, it was still the latter stages that took the most time; in particular the digitisation itself.


Secondary outcomes include:


The case study resulted in several internal recommendations, as mentioned above in the Outcomes section. The following external recommendations may be of use to the wider digitisation community:


Contacting rights holders

Standards and Storage