LIFE-SHARE has organised, and attended, many events relating to various aspects of digitisation and collaboration, over the course of the project. This page summarises and explores these.

Exchange of Experience Events

Perhaps the most important events LIFE-SHARE was involved with were the Exchange of Experience Events, or EEEs. These took place around different themes, and were hosted at each of the partner institutions. There were EEEs on copyright, on-demand digitisation, special collections & archives, and digital repositories.

These were informal events aimed at bringing together the Libraries and fostering good communications. There were no agenda items or presentations - just the opportunity to talk about relevant issues. This worked very well, and the benefits (deepening relationships, sharing problems and best practice, forging links for future collaborations) far outweighed the costs (the price of lunch, and the staff time). Plans are in place for the EEEs to continue beyond the lifetime of the Project.

A LIFE-SHARE blog post about various EEEs can be viewed here

Collaboration Colloquium

The final event of the Project was a LIFE-SHARE hosted Collaboration Colloquium, held at the University of Sheffield. The focus of this event was collaborative digital content, including all areas of the digital lifecycle from content creation through metadata to preservation and long term storage, and everything else in between.  The aim of the Colloquium was not only to share past experiences of collaboration but also to start new conversations about future possibilities. Among the speakers were Peter Keelan, discussing collaboration and WHELF, and Doug Dodds from the V&A, talking about 'Virtual and Actual' collaboration. LIFE-SHARE presented on various aspects of collaboration.

You can view more information about the event, including all the presentations from the day, on the Collaboration Colloquium page.

Blog links:

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