LIFE-SHARE have attended and organised several training sessions as part of the process of embedding digitisation more deeply into the culture of the White Rose libraries.

Organising consortial training proved to be very cost-effective. Dave Kilbey provided training on Digitising Images, which was attended by 25 staff from all three libraries. The Archives Hub provided EAD (Electronic Archive Discovery) training, which agan was attended by staff from all three libraries - around 25 in total. The cost of inviting the trainers to one of the White Rose locations was considerably less than would have been the case if all the staff had been sent on residential training courses.

Both LIFE-SHARE Project Officers undertook training at JISC Digital Media on digitising analogue video and analogue audio - they were then able to feedback to other staff at the libraries,.

Project Officer Ned Potter provided some training on Digitising Audio-Visual Analogue Materials in Special Collections - the slides for this are embeded below.

The work-book for a brief introduction to the basic functionality of Audacity sound-editing software (a freely available, open source tool) is available in PDF format here.

The result of this commitment to training is a dramatic increase in staff skills and expertise in the area of digitisation - from the work on the Digitisation Audit we've actually been able to track this improvement, and it is significant. Digitisation projects and services can now happen more regularly and to a higher standard, due to the larger number of people with the neccessary skills to plan and execute these projects.