Leeds University Library

Understanding shelf marks

The shelf mark tells you where to find an item.

It usually begins with a subject name (eg Modern History; Education), followed by a series of letters and numbers (eg P-2.06; 371.942; QS 4), and ending with a three-letter code (eg PLA; MIN).

Modern History P-2.06 PLA
Education 371.942 MIN
Health Sciences QS 4 GUY

In the online record, a link stating the item's location is also given. Click the link to show the building and floor where you can find that item. It is important to make a note of the location, as copies of the same book may be held in multiple places.

Sometimes the shelf mark has a prefix (eg Large, StackStore, Pamphlets). This indicates that the item is not in the main sequence of books. It may be in a separate area of the Library, or in another building. The location code will tell you where to find it.

Large Textiles B-1.7 ELL
Stack French A-0.01 REV
Wakefield Periodicals JOU 

If you can't find an item, please ask at the enquiry desk.