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Group work

Group work

You may be required to work in groups as part of your course. This can be a very rewarding, but at times challenging process, as the people that make up the group will often work in different ways and at a different pace.

Take a look at LearnHigher's extensive advice that aims to address the different stages and aspects of being involved in a group project. The webpage includes videos that act out some of the following situations:

  • Getting started
  • Managing conflict
  • Assessment
  • Support and feedback.  

There are group study spaces available in every library to help support you with your group study work.

The Laidlaw Library has bookable group study rooms and booths all equipped with AirMedia, allowing you to wirelessly connect up to 4 devices onto one screen. This means you can easily view what each person is working on, so you can discuss and progress as a group.