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PASS/PAL: introduction


What is PASS/PAL? 

Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS) and Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) are synonymous terms for a Scheme whereby more experienced students in your School or Faculty run weekly sessions for their peers to aid their learning and transition into University. The focus is primarily on educational support, rather than pastoral which many Faculties now address via the Peer Mentoring scheme. PASS/PAL is a Leeds for Life opportunity that is recognised under the University's Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR).

PASS/PAL and similar peer education schemes are run at different universities across the UK, and originally grew from the Supplemental Instruction model used widely across North American education institutions. A good starting point for more information about this is from the PASS national website hosted by the University of Manchester.

PASS/PAL Timeline

PASS/PAL Timeline

Our timeline of resources created by and for PASS/PAL Student Leaders across the university, is there to be used as a source of inspiration to help you plan and think creatively about your weekly sessions.

Feel free to mix and match and throw in your own ideas, tailoring them to your specific course and group of students.

(Bear in mind that these resources could be used at any point during the year and you can choose which are most relevant.)