Leeds University Library

Types of records in search results

The search and browse facility includes five basic types of records:

Type Description Icon
Archive These are descriptions of archival collections. They may be a description of a collection as a whole but many of our collections are described in more detail and have a hierarchy of related records. A search result is a record at a particular level. Viewing the full details of a search result shows the hierarchy of the full collection, if available. File icon
Printed matter
These are records of books, journals and other printed items. They are full archival records with additional information relevant to printed items. Book icon
Art These are records of art objects (for example, paintings, drawings). They are full archival records with additional information relevant to art materials. Art icon

Information from some of our collections have been organised as separate indexes. They contain partial information, and currently most are not fully integrated with our main archival records. But it is usually possible to use the index information to search the full archive. Links to perform such searches are normally provided in the search results.

If you just wish to search the indexes:

Index icon
Digital These are records of parts of collections that have been digitised. They have not yet been fully described, so are not part of a full collection hierarchy. Thumbnail image of the digitised object