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Year 1: arrangement

Each box was numbered, and a rough hand list produced of the contents as found. During this first phase of listing no attempt was made to rearrange items, but rather investigations were made into ascertaining any existing system of physical and intellectual arrangement remaining from when the records were created and in use. Having completed the preliminary listing, a draft written scheme of arrangement was created, based both on the identification of significant component parts and the existing system of arrangement put in place by previous IDFLS archivists/librarians. It was under regular revision as more detailed examination of the Archive suggested the need for new sections and/or the inappropriateness of others.

The scheme of arrangement as finalised identified the following sub-fonds ('sub-collections') within the Archive:

LAVC/COR: Orton Corpus

Materials from the Armstrong College (Durham) Survey of Northumbrian dialects.

LAVC/SED: Survey of English Dialects

Including the papers of Harold Orton, and the SED questionnaire response books and related papers.

LAVC/WGE: Word Geography of England

Correspondence, editorial papers and illustrations relating to the publication of A Word Geography of England (1974).

LAVC/LAE: Linguistic Atlas of England

Correspondence, editorial papers and illustrations relating to the publication of The Linguistic Atlas of England (1978).

LAVC/STA: Institute Staff Papers

Including papers of the Director of the IDFLS, Stewart Sanderson, and lecturers Stanley Ellis, Wille Brunk, and Ingemar Liman.

LAVC/SRP: Student Research Papers

Including: undergraduate coursework and dissertations, postgraduate theses, and fieldwork. Topics covered include: traditional music, song, dance and drama, custom and belief, traditional narrative, material culture and traditional work techniques, and dialect studies on specific locations throughout England.

LAVC/NSP: Non-Student Papers

Including research undertaken by students and academics not based within the IDFLS, and items gathered by individual collectors relating to various aspects of folklore, folk life and dialect, but not necessarily connected with any specific research project.

LAVC/SUR: Surveys

Folklore, folk life and linguistic surveys not undertaken by the IDFLS, including some from overseas.

LAVC/FLF: Folk Life File

A collection of miscellaneous cuttings and printed ephemera, created by successive IDFLS archivists and through contributions by students, staff and others. The system of file arrangement within this sub-fonds is based largely on a Swedish folk life classification scheme.

LAVC/ART: Artefacts

A small, miscellaneous collection of objects including a painted egg, a 19th century bobbin gauge, a Mauritian tree bark collage, and a 'scud winder'.

LAVC/ARC: Archivists' Papers

Archivist's papers, finding aids, and materials relating to exhibitions, open-days and conferences.

LAVC/SRE: Sound Recordings

Recordings of speech and song on gramophone disc and audio-tape.

LAVC/PHO: Photographic Collections

Photographs, glass plate and 35mm negatives, glass lantern slides and 35mm slides.


Including footage of sheep washing in North Yorkshire, 1965.


Including footage of Leeds wedding ceremonies and receptions 1976-77, taken to accompany a student thesis.

LAVC/PRI: Print Collections

Serials and periodicals, books and pamphlets. This part of the collection is included in the main Leeds University Library Catalogue as well as being part of the main LAVC finding aid.